Introduction: District Governor Nadja Muchow

District Governor Nadja believes that the strength of Lions clubs comes from the people who comprise them and the many perspectives they bring to serving local and global communities. Her life’s events have helped her realize and understand how difficult it is to be in need and has provided her a pathway with each step forward to dedication and service of others.

With the many styles of leadership one could choose, she has selected that of the Servant style.  The basis has the premise that leaders prioritize serving the greater good and achieves a basis for providing support to others. How can she help your club and you attain successful and rewarding outcomes?

During her year as District Governor, her goal is to help Lions and clubs reach greater potential and successful accomplishments so that a club may address the changing needs within their diverse communities and celebrate along the way.

Her pin emblem is a dragonfly. The dragonfly carries with it the characteristics of wisdom of changes, transformation, and adaptability over time. Her dragonfly symbol is to encourage us to be creative and inspired even if it means modifying our paths and the tasks of thinking and action so we can achieve a greater measure of success while serving others.

Therefore, her motto is: Empowering Change through Service

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