Service with 2020 Vision for the Future

“Service” is why we exist as Lions.  Service is why members join. Service is critical to member satisfaction and needs to be the focus of everything that we do as Lions.  This year, I am asking every Lion to put service first in everything that we do. I want to challenge all clubs to maximize the impact of their service.

“2020 Vision” shows our focus on the Service projects that our clubs choose to make a positive impact on our communities and around the world.  The 2020 in this year’s theme is representative of the year, but more importantly it is symbolic of the work that Lions have done and continue to do as knights of the blind.  Vision and eyeglasses may be how we are known but we are so much more.

“Vision for the Future” is to remind all of us that everything that we do this year will have impacts on our organization for years to come.  Building our brand as a club and as an international organization in positive ways through our service. Growing our membership with quality new members.  Developing and encouraging future leaders, mentoring and coaching Lions leaders to take on increasing leadership roles in the future.    

The individual Lion is not directly mentioned in this year’s theme but is implied because the individual Lion is the most important part of our organization.  Everything that we do as a club or district must be in support of each Lion. We are organized to give the Lion the opportunity to serve. We as leaders must select service projects that match the capabilities and desires of ours Lions and increase member satisfaction.  As District Governor, I am asking Clubs to include hands on service projects this year, because I believe that member satisfaction will increase. As members satisfaction increases, membership will increase, and more Lions will take leadership positions. Stated another way, District Officers and Club Boards are there to serve the Lions so that the Lions can serve their community and the world.
Every organization needs to have a sense of who they are and how they contribute to their community and the world.  This year’s theme is intended to remind the Lions of 22-W why our organization is here and what we do: We Serve with 2020 Vision for the Future.

Evan Gillett

District Governor – 22W

Roaring Run Lions Club